Media Markt AG/SA

Eelectronic Retailer:

Mobile & navigation,
computer & Office, TV & Audio Gaming Photo,  video & Drones, Cook & eat, Household, Home & Hobby,
Personal hygiene & Fitness, Toys, Repair status, Delivery and installation.

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Conrad AG/SA

Eelectronic Sourcing Platform:
Active Components, 
Automation & Pneumatics,
Building Technology,  Cars, Hobbies & Household, DIY & Tools, Computing & Office,  

Electromechanics,Multimedia, Testing & Power Supply

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Elser Swiss AG/SA

Repair, Reuse, Eelectronics:
Smartphone, tablet, Laptop & PC, camera, drones, Oral B, Braun, Gillette, Alcatel,
Blackberry, Palm and TCL after sales service,
diagnosis & cost proposal,
Free return shipping, pick up at our location

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Interdiscount AG/SA

Electronics discounter:
Computer & gaming, Mobile phone, tablet & wearables,
Photo & video, Household & kitchen, TV & audio, Toys & drones, Living & light, Leisure & sport, Garden & grill, Office & stationery,
Beauty, Health & Baby, customer advice

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Melectronics AG/SA

Electronics retailing:
Gaming, software, electric wire, Printers & scanners,  
Photo & video,  Printer cartridges & toners, 

Notebooks, Periphery,  PC components, PCs & monitors, Reservation & collection,  Installation, Live video advice, delivery

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Microspot AG/SA

Entertainment & home electronics.:
Living & light, Toys & drones
Beauty, Health & Baby, Jewelry watches, Office & stationery, Leisure & sport
Garden & grill, Hardware store, Pet supplies, Media & books, eroticism, beauty, jewelry, office, garden, DIY

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Galaxus AG/SA

Home & electronics Retail:
Household, Living, Sports
Do it + garden, Fashion
toys, Pet supplies, Baby + parents, Beauty + health, eroticism, Watches + jewelry, office, pan, DIY, IT + multimedia media, ink, Board game, toner, LEGO,
Handcraft, puzzle, Diapers,
 Coffee maker, accessories,

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Distrelec AG/SA

Electronics & technical products.:
Automation, lighting, Office, IT & network products,
Developer boards and kits,
Housing, semiconductors, cables & wires, Circuit breakers, mechanical components, Measurement technology, switches,  Sensors,  Maintenance, safety

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Steg AG/SA

Computer & electronics Retail:
PC, notebook, server,
Screen, peripherals,
Components, network,
Smartphone, tablet, TV, SAT, home theater, Audio, hi-fi, music, Camera, optics,
Software, Household, kitchen, bathroom,
Leisure, sport, gaming,

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