Amag AG/SA

Auto import and dealer:
 Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and SEAT,  Valiants, Lancers, Darts, Chrysler,
Porsche, Auto Leasing, Engineering & development, Top-Services, Autoleasing, Occasion Autos, distribution & repair, imports & markets, car rental, technology & innovations, network & communications, job  opportunities

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Nowag AG/SA

Land-only & amphibious vehecles:
Military vehicles & civilian trucks,  armoured wheeled vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, troop carriers, dummy tanks,  electric vehicles, scooters, tracked tanks,  powered wheeled & tracked vehicle, double axle trailers,  8×4-driven four-axle trucks, machine industry,  job  opportunities

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RinSpeed AG/SA

Automotive industry:
Rinspeed's CitySnap, Rinspeed's “MetroSnap,
Rinspeed's microSNAP, Rinspeed Snap, Rinspeed concept vehicle Oasis, Rinspeed Xchange, Rinspeed dock + go, Rinspeed Bamboo, Rinspeed UC,
Rinspeed Squba, Rinspeed Exasis, Rinspeed Splash,  comprehensive network & communications,

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Nano Flow Cell AG/SA

Flow cell battery, zero CO2, Automotive, Aviaion, Shipping, Rail traffic,
Stationary energy, Mobil energy, user-friendly energy, bi-ION, low-voltage & high-voltage applications,
digital technologies, innovations & research, job opportuniries

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Ronal AG/SA

Cars wheels & rims:

sporty wheels & rims,
high-quality aluminum, 
innovative designs, classical or cutting edge, high-quality finishes & durability, quality control purposes, Diamond cutting, Microscopic examination,  automatic CNC production systems,
corrosive protection,

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Autoneum AG/SA 

Acoustic insulations:
Interior/exterior thermal insulation, Acoustics and thermal Management, Ultra-Silent, Prime-Light, Di-Light, Hybrid-Acoustics PET,
Mono-Liner, IFP-R2, Soundproofing, noise control & thermal insulation systems, technology & innovations, 

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